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Villa Medici Hotel e Residence: Touristic areas

Mostra d'Oltremare

Città della Scienza
The “City of Science” is the first Italian science center and born in the 90s under the order of the foundation IDIS in the post-industrial area of Bagnoli, one of the most beautiful zones of Naples which is open to the gulf of Pozzuoli. The science center is in the precise location of a former iron factory with exhibitions and research structures that are progressively adding on to the already growing center.

The center develops on an area of 12,000 square meters on which one can find the exhibition area (the permanent exhibition consisting of five sections), laboratories and a planetarium (the largest of the mid-south).

Villa Comunale
The Villa Comunale came about in the year 1780 under the order of King Ferdinando IV of Borbone who, inspired by the Parisian “tuileries”, wanted for himself and the Neapolitan nobility a place for walking, relaxation and tranquility. The tree-lined walkways came to be more attractive with neoclassic statues, little sitting areas, fountains and by a splendid sound chest of cast-iron and glass. It was opened already to the public in the time of the Borbonians.
In the inside of the Villa Comunale, one can find various structures; predominantly there are the Circo della Stampa and the Anton Stohm zoological station that holds the oldest aquarium in Europe.

Today, the Villa Comunale has been taken back to its former splendor: the pavement has been renovated, the statues restored, installation of lights and a restoration of the gate (even through its red-hot controversy for its modern look) all with the aim of preserving the degraded gardens and make the Villa safer for people.

Parco Virgiliano
“Pausilypon” is the location of relaxation from all cares and worries. And it was this name that the Greeks already gave to the hill that dominates the west side of Naples. This park is known worldwide for its breathtakingly beautiful views and for its magnificent residences immersed in green.

The park rises with a series of terraces to the summit of Capo Posillipo, the extreme point of the Gulf of Naples, and it leans out on the gulfs of Naples and Pozzuoli. The views that one can admire from the park are incomparable. Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento, Capri, Nisida, Bagnoli, Capo Miseno, Procida and Ischia are all at available for the viewer’s pleasure.

Between the years 1999 and 2002, the park was subjected to a profound restoration that exalted the quality of the panoramic viewpoint. The restoration gave the park splendid plants and flower beds, and renewed all the pavements, furnishings, infrastructures, the installation of streetlights, the open “cavea”, and the sports field at the center of the park. Today the area is open to the public 14 hours a day with a good surveillance system and an efficient maintenance service that helps to preserve the foliage and cleanliness. Also within the vicinity of the park is the Roman villa of Vedio Pollione which was then lived in by Emperor Augusto.

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